About Chrome Energy

Here at Chrome Energy Drink, we have created an energy drink that actually gives you the Power To Shine®

Our #powertoshine promotion boosts exposure for models, singers & musicians, dancers & performers, athletes, or artists. It sends the message out to all our followers that we believe in the shining talent that we’ve come across!


If you would like to be part of our #powertoshine campaign but can’t seem to find a Chrome anywhere, please get in touch using any of the following methods:

1. E-mail us directly: powertoshine@chromeenergydrink.com
indicating which category you’d like to be featured in with a brief description.

2. Direct message us via our social media pages:
instagram iconinstagram: @chromeenergydrink
facebook iconfacebook: @chromeenergydrink
twitter icontwitter: @chromeenergy

3. Tag us on your own social media posts showcasing your talent:
instagram iconinstagram: @chromeenergydrink
facebook iconfacebook: @chromeenergydrink
twitter icontwitter: @chromeenergy
Don’t forget to use the hashtag #powertoshine on all your posts!

We then repost selected submissions to all our pages!
Please note that applicants for this promotion must be age 18 or over. By submitting photos you are agreeing to us using your photo on our social media sites and promotional media. You always maintain the right to have any of your photos removed from our sites at any time.

Once again thank you and we look forward to seeing all your submissions!!

Power To Shine team,
Chrome Energy Drink

Look out for Chrome Energy Drinks the next time you’re out clubbing or at a festival, and please follow us on our social media pages clicking on the icons above.